Apartment Painting Project

Ah, Apartments. The little beige boxes we occupy and inhabit for little slices of our lives. 

I recently moved to a new city and with that, got a new apartment.  Suprisingly the apartment complex I chose permits painting (So long as it’s back to primer when you move out). So I decided to paint my apartment. With no experience. No time like the present.

The Blank Canvas

Bed Room Before

I decided to only paint my bedroom and my main room. I’d seen cool Mountain Mural paintings on internet and I figure that would be pretty cool. I’ve also always had a soft spot for the elegant and simple Federalist style you often see out on the east coast, so I wanted to find a way to evoke that in my main room. The kitchen and bathroom would be much more complicated to paint and then return to primer.  Ergo I decided to leave them as is. Decision made, off to the hardware store I went.

Main Room Before

The Tools

The tools:

Paint Brush (2″)

Paint Roller

Paint Tray

Plastic sheets

Drop Sheet

Painters Tape (3 rollers)

Wall Moulding

Paint (purple, silver and hunter green!)

The Process

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this because I had no intention of starting a blog. Despite this I still wanted to share this little project.  

Day One: I used the plastic sheets and painters tape to cover the floors in both rooms. I also taped the edges of all the door frames and the window edges. Then I pulled all the covers from the light switches and the outlets. Lay down the drop cloth and rest up for tomorrow.

Day Two: I took the small paintbrush to do all the edging of the rooms. Painting around the door frames, the outlets, and the floor boards about 4 to 6 inches from the edge. Edging at the ceiling was a lot trickier because I wasn’t planing to paint the ceiling. After a few mistakes and watching an instruction video, I figured it out.

Day Three: Filling in the center of the walls with the rollers. Purple, green and silver are done. Now for the fancy bits. I put the first layer of the mountains on the top of that wall and let it dry.

Day Four: Second layer of the mountains goes up. Then I put painters tape on the silver walls at about 4′ above the floor so I could paint the lower half green. Third layer of the mountains goes up and green is put on the statement wall.

Day Five: The final two layers of mountain is added to the mural, completing it. The foam mouldings are painted green and left to dry.

Day Six: In the bedroom, I put all the covers back on and took down all the painters tape. Bedroom complete. In the main room the moulds were ready to be affixed to the wall. Using simple glue dots and a measuring tape, I put up all 13 moldings. Coves back in place and tape taken down, and the main room is done.

Apartment Painting – The Results!

Bed Room After

I am actually quite pleased with this. The mountain mural probably could have used a few more layers, however I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. In the main room the green really brings the room together. I know the moldings are superfluous, however they make me happy. So yay. 

Main Room After


In hindsight I should have practiced edging the ceilings some more before just jumping in. I got much better as I went but there are a few marks where they shouldn’t be. I also should have double-checked that the tape was completely smooth and straight. It did the job, however there were a few bits where the paint line wasn’t quite smooth.

For my first apartment painting project, I’m very pleased with the results. I hope you all enjoyed this little project post.

Have a Lovely Day – Ashley Dust

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